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"Our Number one priority is to save lives" - Ian Wilson

BC Air Rescue

British Columbia is a mecca for outdoor adventure seekers, hikers, snowmobilers and hunters. As a result of those activities, 1300 search and rescue deployments are conducted in BC’s backcountry every year. The vast area and limited road access make it difficult to provide rescue services outside road boundaries. Air rescue is an essential service in BC, because it allows efficient access into remote areas that are not serviced by Ambulances.

Wildcat Helicopters has teamed up with local SAR groups to launch BC Air Rescue as a new emergency resource for the interior of BC. Our Bell 412 is equipped with a powerful winch and its interior is designed for dual medical patients transportation and advanced medical care. With a highly skilled crew of dedicated professionals onboard , Wildcat Helicopters has designed a formula to save lives.


Service Area

The map below illustrates the extend of our service area.



The chart below explains the characteristics of our team and equipment.
The primary helicopter for use in search rescue is a modified Bell 412 Helicopter.

Bell 412 Specifications

Aircraft: Bell 412 (Mod)
Speed: 240 km/hr
Endurance: 3.0 hrs
Range: 720 km
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Rescue Winch Operator Paramedic, 2 Rescue Technician Paramedics
Configured Seating: 9
Patient Capacity: 2
Landing Zone: 25 meters diameter or typical dual carriageway road
Cable Length: 250 ft
Winch Cable load max: 600 lbs (2ppl)
Cable Speed: 250ft/min
Variable speed winch Yes
Life support equipment: Standard in all aircrafts
Protocols: Land first, if unable to land then hover exit, if unable to hover, exit Winch deployment and extraction

For more information, please visit: BC Air Rescue