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"Wildcat Helicopters is the first company worldwide to have
fleetwide BLR strake kit enhancement."



Tanking is the best way to fight urban interface fires.

  • Delivers 60% more water by weight and 40% more accurately than the same aircraft equipped with a bucket
  • Pilot operates aircraft with a safer ‘heads-up’ attitude.
  • Tank can be filled in under 30 seconds in any water conditions
  • Tank can be filled from wells, pools and small ponds
  • Landing possible in rough terrain when tank equipped
  • Crew transportation possible when tank equipped
  • Tank can disperse: water, class A foam, long-term retardant, enhancers and gels for land based applications.
  • Wildcat uses Kawak Aviation Technologies


The ability to deploy to and extract from any terrain quickly and easily.
Goodrich Hoist and Winch System
The only hoist in the civilian market to offer unlimited hoisting cycles.

  • Cable length: 290 feet (88 m)
  • Rated Speed: 250 fpm (76 mpm) with 300lbs (136 Kg)
  • Rated Speed: 150 fpm (38 mpm) with 600lbs (46 Kg)

Minimal training required for hoistee.
Hoist Operator provided by Wildcat if required

Rappelling & Fast-Roping

Rappelling: The deployment of highly trained personnel in volume to areas where landing of helicopter is not possible / desired. A rope and descender are used.

Fast Roping: A faster version of rappelling. A thicker rope (aprx 2inches) in diameter is used and no descender is required. Gloves are worn and personnel slide down the rope. Multiple personnel can descend the rope at the same time.

Wildcat is currently developing a comprehensive fast-rope program.


Helicopters are ready to ship* to any theatre of operations within 72 hours.
36 hours after shipment arrival, aircraft and full crew are operational.
*Ready to ship = loaded on an aircraft and ready to fly anywhere in the world.