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"People are the cornerstone at Wildcat. Humble roots have been retained and the politics and attitude of the average aviation business are left behind."


AirCrew, GroundCrew, Office Staff
Spend just half a day behind the scenes at Wildcat and you’ll see why the management team is so complimentary of the rest of the team. There is a unique hangar vibe that exists.

Away from base, the Wildcat crew brings a proactive approach and an open mind to field operations. Inter-agency communication is made easy and problem solving is facilitated. It leaves more time for getting the job done right and on time.


Mike Michaud

Owner / Operator. He likes to pass the success of Wildcat firmly onto those around him. He insists that his staff are the lifeblood of his business but Mike is as dedicated as they come and definitely has his finger on the pulse.

Ian Wilson

Vice President. Put his extensive flying background aside and ask anyone who has dealt with Ian what you get. You’ll hear the same story from across the globe and throughout his career. Ian says it the way that it is and ensures the customer brief is delivered. He’s the first to admit when there’s a problem but he’s also the first to solve it. He’s exactly who you need running the show.

Dave Hauber

Chief Pilot. He may have flown drills in the North West Territories, fought fires, seismic in Alberta and animal surveys in the Arctic but Dave is not just another chief pilot. He brings a positive disposition to all aspects of aircrew safety and training. He not only understands the flying aspect of the job but the bigger business picture too.