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Offering a fresh approach to all your vertical challenges, we are a team of professionals equipped with the knowledge and expertise to give you the most efficient service possible. In short, we aim to deliver more for less.

The Wildcat Formula


The innovative approach at Wildcat is key. We deliver a service to our customers that gets the job done right, on time and at the most economical cost. We have taken systems, designs and expertise from both inside and outside the aviation industry and applied them to our operation to ensure optimum efficiency.


Our hangar door is always open. Customers are encouraged to ask questions about any aspect of our business. Whether it’s pricing or serviceability, billing or crew qualifications, there’s nothing to hide. We like to show you where our margins are and explain why they are there. We will break down quotes / tenders into as much detail as is requested. Our business is your business.


We have your best interests at heart. It’s what we have built our business on and attribute our recent growth to. The frank, straight-forward and uncomplicated approach of Wildcat’s crew is a refreshing change.